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Thank you for your interest in Pixel Giraffe Design!  Welcome to our website.

M op berg

I’m a thirty-something wife and mother-of-two. Animal and music lover with an unhealthy interest for anything made from chocolate. I have a preference for absurdist and sarcastic humor, and no sense of humor when it comes to people who don’t get that kind of humor ūüôā When I’m not busy trying to raise my kids, I’m¬†working in health care, having fun with my friends, painting or drawing, walking my dog, travelling or out for dinner with my husband.

My daughter also has a great interest in art and we love painting together. There is just a small difference: When hers is finished, we usually put it up the wall. When mine is finished, well… i’m going to scan it. She really¬†¬†doesn’t get why crazy mummy is doing that¬†but it is clear she thinks it is pretty interesting since lately, she wants to scan her own paintings or drawings too. Just to see them on the computer screen. I hope her teachers won’t think she is crazy if she’d ask for scanning her drawings in art class in kindergarten… She also gives me a funny look when I make splatter or scribble brushes. She’s really trying to make something beautiful while mummy just randomly splashes paint on a piece of paper and can be very satisfied with the result?¬†Weird… She can not believe it and probably thinks I have no sense of artistry at all and probably thinks it is even more weird that some people actually buy that kind of messy stuff. Let’s just hope I don’t give her a wrong example about artistry.

I started to fall in love with digital scrapping a few years ago and was amazed by the beautiful designs and the endless posibilities. ¬†It seemed impossible to learn, so really something to have a go at ūüôā I learned a lot about myself, like somehow I apparently love some frustrating hours after coming home tired after a busy day of work ūüôā Being creative Always gives me energy. I have no official training for designing but learned by trial-and-error. Designing was really something I did for myself, like making a single¬†element for my own photobooks if I couldn’t find the perfect one. Or that perfect item was part of a big scrapping kit and I knew for sure that I’d never us the other items included. I always thought it would be a waste of money. I learned a lot while trying to recreate items and starting from scratch to make my own. Until recently, I only offered items I had designed for free -for blog trains¬†for example.¬†A lot of people started asking me¬†if I had a shop.¬†At first¬†that made me laugh, although at the same time I was feeling flattered. When talking about it with friends brushesand¬†family, they also started asking me and eventually I thought: Why not? Maybe it is a way to¬†get the money back I’ve invested in¬†the website.¬†So, here is my¬†shy attempt for a store in graphic design.

Just after the decision to start a little webshop I got an offer to sell my designs at the largest digital scrapbooking site in the Netherlands. Right now, I’m only focussing on digital scrapbooking supplies, including art journal and art therapy. I also make commercial use items for other digital scrapbook designers. Maybe I’ll add other designs in the near future.

That’s a little bit about me. I hope you’ll enjoy my designs!