Yup… this was definitely not my theme.

Sometimes I have to make kits with a compulsory theme and color palette. And sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you’re not. As soon as I found out about the theme I wanted to fake an acute illness. I love nature and spending time in my garden but garden gnomes… NO. Not my cup of tea, and that’s putting it mildly. I really hate any ‘fun’ additions to a garden, which for me should be natural: mostly plants, trees, flowers, rocks, grass, water and other things that I can actually find in nature. I’ve never met a gnome in real life, did you? For me, they should be were they belong: In some theme park. I don’t mind them there… But please stay there.

So it took quite some time to get over my aversion to create this kit, that actually had to be about gardens and gnomes. Eventually I’ve decided to draw the gnome. With a rake. Even though I thought the gnome looked ok in itself, I still had my doubts. It is just not my thing. Designing the other stuff went way faster. I made the snails to which I added some artsy details, like watercolor, paint splatter, and a gesso texture. They may not be considered very photogenic and I think little people like snails on their layouts… but I LOVED them.

I can not ask the people who bought this little mini if they bought it for the fun gnome or the artsy stuff (and snails), but I think I know the answer…

Anyway, for people who like gnomes, gardens or snails, here is the mini kit 🙂

Better Gnomes and Gardens by Pixel Giraffe Design

Some inspiration by the creative team:

By Ali:

Better Gnomes and Gardens by Pixel Giraffe Design. Layout by Ali.
By Ali

I love that Ali used to papers here. An artsy one (hardly visible) and the one with the hand-drawn stripes on top of it (a little smaller), and she put snails on the border she created this way. (would she be more a snail person than a gnome person? I didn’t dare to ask).

By Ange:

Better Gnomes and gardens by Pixel Giraffe Design. Layout by Ange.

Ange created this beautiful artsy card with the mini kit. I love the design and blending.

…And the snail.

And the last one for this blog. This one is by Esther. And it features the gnome. And a snail, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it, LOL.

by Esther