Click by Pixel Giraffe Design

Most of the time, I just start designing as soon as I have a theme and color palette. Most of the time I add all items to a preview, to see how it all comes together. Than follows the final check: I create layouts with my own kit. In that fase, I can still add some stuff that I think is missing.

Sometimes… I work the other way around. I start making a layout with items I make as I go. Like in this case, for my Click kit. I love making artsy brushes, with a lot of splatters, watercolor paint and textures. It takes some time, since I have to wait for gesso and paint to get dry, photograph and digitalize the items, extract them and put them all together in some way that makes sense, LOL. Mostly that means lots of blending and lots (and I mean lots!) of layers. Including the wait, it takes hours to make the brush.

The layout above will take you only minutes to (re)make, though. It is actually only 3 elements from the kit and a colored background. I simply used the paint bucket tool to color the background in the desired color (no textures!). Then, I placed the artsy brush somewhere in the middle, added the gesso layer on top of that (lowering the opacity just a tad, so the brush becomes better visible) and added the word art.

I wonder if digital scrapbookers realize how much work is in items, especially artsy ones when making layouts… I’m not even talking about everything else that comes with it. Advertising, social media activities, preparing stuff for store… I’m not complaining though, I’ve got the best job in the world! 🙂

I would love to see your layouts!

Click will be in store soon. I hope you like it!

Thanks for reading,

<3 Maaike