Need we say more? Hah!

My first take on this theme was an art therapy kit, for all the messy, dirty and frustrating things in life. But it didn’t really turn out the way I wanted and the deadline for this obligated project came closer and closer… I decided to let it go, and go for a more traditional ‘zoo’. Still artsy though…

I especially like how the lion and dolphin have turned out. They both have a mixed media touch, by adding stitching and gesso.

Here are some examples of what the creative team did with this mini:

This one is by Anja. I love the more traditional clustering combined with the artsy paper of the kit and scribbled/doodled elements. Rotating the oval frame a bit and adding another oval-shaped doodle is so clever!

Animal Kingdom by Anja, created with It’s a Zoo out there by Pixel Giraffe Design

Marianne also used a lion as the center of her layout. She used less traditional clustering and added a pattern. This is probably not the first combination you would think of, since the paper has a pretty prominent texture, but it works here, probably because she made the paper a bit lighter and used a lot of white space around the center.

Rawr – by Marianne, created with It’s a Zoo out there by Pixel Giraffe Design

Cindy also combined papers on here page. It combines a lot of different styles and contrasting colors, but it works!

by Cindy, created with It’s a Zoo out There, by Pixel Giraffe Design

The last example is this card by Ange. She kept the color palette limited, with just some contrasting green from the leaves.

Animal Kingdom by Ange, created with It’s a Zoo out There by Pixel Giraffe Design

You can find this artsy mini kit here.

Have a wonderful day!

Hugs, Maaike