Night Owls mini kit by Pixel Giraffe Design

When I started designing this, it was not supposed to be a mini. This would be the ‘darker’ half (both in colors as in designing style, with the more artsy, grungy and more raw items) in a huge collection. The other half would have bright colors and a more fun style. The collection would be called Night Owls and Early Birds.

But… It didn’t work out the way I wanted it, so I decided to release both parts as separate collections.

That also didn’t go as planned. I was late for some deadlines. I could have decided to wait with the release until I’ve had time to make the 2 full collections, but decided not to, since that would have taken to long before I could release another collection. Usually my style is more artsy and with natural colors, so I was kind of surprised that after the first Night Owls bits that went really fast, the designing of the cute, fun and bright colored Early Birds parts went way faster.

So, the Night Owls part surprisingly ended up being the mini kit, while the Early Birds bits ended up in a huge collection.

Yes… sometimes I keep surprising myself.

Here is some inspiration by the creative team.

The one below is by Esther. I love the owl eyes peeking through the paper bit, over a blended photo of that person in bed. I also love the use of white space here. Really clever!

Insomnia – by Esther, created with Night Owls mini kit by Pixel Giraffe Design

This one is by Cindy. It could be an artsy junk journal page (and I happen to love junk journals). I love all the stacked paper bits and background papers. She decided to use the quote as a center piece, which fits very well here.

I’m not in a bad mood – by Cindy, created with Night Owls by Pixel Giraffe Design

This could be a piece of art, right? Marianne created a face with a clock and several of the elements and brushes in the kit, like the owl’s eyes, the stitched moon and dreamcatcher. So creative!

Night Owl – by Marianne, created with Night Owls by Pixel Giraffe Design

The last one I will post, is this layout by Gina. I love the photo treatment, which gives the page a really artsy look.

I’m not in a bad mood – by Gina, created with Night Owls by Pixel Giraffe Design

You can find the kit Night Owls here. Thanks for reading and… stay creative!

Hugs, Maaike