“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”  -Mahatma Gandhi

It always makes me laugh a little when a small sized dog is clearly dominant over a much larger sized one. But it makes very clear that strength is more than your physical appearance. Stay true to yourself and follow that inner moonlight!

Inner Wolf mini kit by Pixel Giraffe Design

My latest release is this mini, that I’ve created for the Digiscap Choice at Digiscrap. This mini will be released there, but also in my store at the Studio.

I loved designing this mini and was done in a minute. Ok… it took a little more than that, but once I decided on the theme I couldn’t stop painting and drawing. This would definitely have been a complete collection if I had more time.

Below are some of the gorgeous example layouts by the creative team.

I love this card by Ange. It is blended perfectly! I love the eye peeking through, which gives it a mysterious look, but the card also has a warm and cozy feel at the same time. So, it fits the theme perfectly!

Follow Your Inner Moonlight – by Ange – Created with Inner Wolf by Pixel Giraffe Design

This layout by Charlotte has a cooler appearance because of the blue/teal colors. I love the photo treatment and, once again, the blending. The photo that she has picked to create this page works so well because of the fact the woman looks straight into the camera and it is hard to guess what she is feeling.

Stay Wild – by Charlotte. Created with Inner Wolf by Pixel Giraffe Design

The layout below is by Ali. She has blended several photos together for this one, and also a background paper of the kit. Still, it feels like everything fits together so well. I love this expressive page!

Follow Your Inner Moonlight by Ali – Created with Inner Wolf by Pixel Giraffe Design

The last one is a designer mash up… But I could not resist to post it here. It is created by my co worker Femke from SPPP. She used my Inner Wolf kit and mixed it with her own designs from the Digiscrap Choice. I love the result!

Stay Wild – by Femke Created with Find Your Way by SPPP and Inner Wolf by Pixel Giraffe Design

Stay creative!



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