As you could read in my last post, this collection would have been the ‘bright, fun & happy’ half of a huge collection, with an artsy, darker, grungier counter half, if life would not have got in the way.

Early Birds is not really my usual style, although the more artsy and mixed media items are also there. But I enjoyed designing it anyway, especially these fun drawings. Maybe I’ll create a commercial use kit or kits with these drawings later.

Like always, here is some inspiration by the creative team!

Some stunning clustering by Esther, combining 3D paper bits, brushes, flowers…

The Beginning of a Perfect Day – by Esther, created with Early Birds collection by Pixel Giraffe Design

This layout by Ange also has amazing clustering, and I love here choice of limiting the colors, since there is so much to see in all the layers. It got several GSOs or Layout of the Day nominations. I think it is well deserved, check for yourself if you agree:

Beginning – by Ange, created with Early Birds by Pixel Giraffe Design

This layout is by Cindy, in her usual artsy/journal style. I love the prominent shadows, which also shows that it is not all about realism, peeps. Let your fantasy and creativity flow!

Positive Vibes Only – by Cindy, created with Early Birds by Pixel Giraffe Design

Since this collection has relatively more items with clean edges (not my usual grungy, artsy style) they are also easier to print and cut. I’ve created this page with some of the cards and made some stickers!

a pocket scrap page with Early Birds by Pixel Giraffe Design

You can find the collection here, at a 50% discount. Thanks for reading!

Early Birds collection by Pixel Giraffe Design



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