Yes, I am well aware that there are more urgent disasters in the world right now. But some laughs about lighter matters usually helps! So here is a kit about one of the daily disasters we may encounter: A bad hair day.

Aaaah… Why is my hair curly, when it is supposed to be straight? Or straight when it should be curly? Why is my hair a more accurate measuring instrument for determining humidity than most scientific devices? For all those life questions, I present Bad Hair Day.

Bad Hair Day consists of two parts: A mini and cards. Both contain some of my signature quirky drawings. I hope you’ll like it!

Bad Hair Day will be in store tomorrow (January 7 2021). I will be back with some inspiration by the creative team later!

Thank you for your interest in my designs! Have a great day!

<3 Maaike

Bad Hair Day – mini by Pixel Giraffe Design

Bad Hair Day – Cards by Pixel Giraffe Design