It is a strange year for most of us. A lot of us look out to the end of the year, are celebrating holidays with family and friends, but this year may be totally different. I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and happy.

Winter Solstice is my last collection of 2020 and kind of fits this theme. Winter Solstice refers to the shortest and darkest day of the year. I decided to give it something positive: The return of the light, together with hope. A limited palette with slate blues and greys and a contrasting bright red, fun hand-drawn doodles, artsy items, watercolor elements, textures, word art and more. I had so much fun creating the fun drawings and artsy bird accents.

Winter Solstice is in store now! From December 19 through end of the year, all separate kits are 35% off; the collection almost 50. The collection also comes with a free with purchase, that is not available separately. Enjoy!

If you are celebrating any holidays: Have fun!

<3 Maaike

Winter Solstice – Elements
Winter Solstice – Bird Accents
Winter Solstice – Doodles
Winter Solstice – collection